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Rocklands Adventures

In the heart of the Cederberg, South Africa

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With enough boulders in Rocklands to climb for a lifetime and never get bored, there's a boulder out there just for you!

Our certified mountain guides pick out climbing areas based on your needs and skills, giving us the space to learn, explore and play. 

We practice yoga that unearths the connection between yoga and climbing. 

Our teachers are climbers committed to teaching accessible mindful movement that enhances our experience of being in the mountains.


Let us take care of the logistics





Upcoming Adventures

Season Starter

Kick start your Rocklands season with a guided adventure, 

fusing the tranquility of yoga with the thrill of climbing.

We'll find the perfect boulders  for you to top as well as some projects for you to return to.

14-16 June

9-11 August

Sending Season

Elevate your climbing, deepen your yoga and expand your perspective.


Moments to unwind and time to challenge yourself, amidst breathtaking landscapes. 


Come discover the perfect balance of zen and adrenaline!

20-22 September

Springtime Adventure

Join us for nature's grandest display, springtime in the Cederberg desert. 

An unforgettable adventure connecting the passion for movement with the splendor of changing seasons. 

If these dates don't work for you, get in touch with us and we'll help you plan your dream Rocklands experience...

Home to our climbing and yoga adventures. Perfectly placed in the Southern Cederberg, where mountains wash into the Karoo, Rocklands is renowned as a climbing capital of the world, as well as a World Heritage Site. It is a perfect playground for exploration, movement, climbing and learning.

The Cederberg is a true wilderness, teeming with endemic flora, unique Sandstone mountains, flowing rivers and has deep connections to the San people, who left behind ancient rock art paintings throughout the region. We spend our days out climbing with this magnificent landscape as our backdrop.


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