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About us

Our qualified team of mountain guides, outdoor educators, occupational therapists, and yoga teachers bring 10 years of combined expertise to intentional movement & mountain pursuits.


Rebecca Pretorius


Yoga Teacher

Mountain Guide

Occupational Therapist


Robin Dwyer

Mountain Guide


Michelle Albertyn


Mountain Guide

Climbing Instructor

Outdoor Educator 

DSC04663-3 (1).jpg

Kieron McCallum

Mountain Guide



We craft opportunities for community in a world that often feels disconnected. Through outdoor adventures and mindful movement practices, we make journeys of self-discovery, connect with nature, and foster meaningful connections with others.

Guided by the principles of playfulness, intentionality, and sustainability, we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the outdoors.


With a focus on authenticity, we create spaces where genuine connections can flourish.

Join us as we breathe in the essence of life, explore our surroundings, and embrace the magic of shared experiences.


We see a community of like-minded, environment-driven human beings, autonomous and animated, living truthfully and authentically through and with nature. 

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